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June 2013

Now You See Me: Who Doesn’t Like A Good Trick?

There seems to be a bit of a trend with movies about stage magicians about how clever illusionists using their talents in questionable ways can bring them into conflict with the law and other magicians. I’ve always personally enjoyed these kinds of movies, as magic tricks allow for some spectacular visuals while the battle of […]

World War Z: No Heart, No Brain…What Am I Aiming For?

Zombie fans, like the monsters they enjoy so much, are a massive, inexorable horde in the ranks of fandom everywhere. In books, in film, in games of every kind, the zombie lurches, shambles, crawls, and sometimes runs along, forever in search of more living humans to devour. Sometimes the zombies are disposable if macabre fodder […]

Man of Steel: More “OK” than “Super”

Batman and Superman, the two most iconic superheroes of DC Comics, also followed similar patterns when they were initially adapted to film; the first two adaptations were well-received by the fanbase, while the third film in both franchises was more divisive and the fourth effectively killed each until the modern upswing in superhero movies revived […]