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August 2013

The World’s End: One Last Cornetto For The Road

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost appearing together in a movie has become a pretty safe way to get me interested in seeing the movie. The two almost never fail to have a hilarious dynamic going in whatever movie they team up in, and this has been quite evident in their now-complete “Cornetto trilogy”, consisting of […]

The Wolverine: Hugh Jackman Takes Japan

I am not a big comic book fan, but pop-cultural osmosis and adaptations have made me a fan of a number of comic book characters. The X-Men cartoon of the 90’s was my all-time favorite show growing up, and in that show my favorite character by far was Wolverine. This has always given the live-action […]

Elysium: Shoot The Messenger, He’s Hogging The Movie!

I went into Elysium with fairly high expectations; Neill Blomkamp had impressed me with his work on District 9. With its interesting alternate take on First Contact with aliens and a pretty damn epic journey of character development for its protagonist, District 9 was a pretty good precedent to assume the next movie would be […]