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September 2013

The Butler: Absolutely Beautiful

Film and literature based on real history have always been very interesting to me; I never fail to find it amazing how sometimes looking into just the right life can reveal a fascinating narrative amidst events we know will help shape the world. A well-done historical narrative can make a story with its roots in […]

The Family: Amusing, But Forgettable

It is an unfortunate numbers game in movie trailers that every so often you will come across advertisements for a movie that looks very clever, funny, or awesome, only to go see it in the theater months later and find out most of the good stuff was used up in the trailer, or misrepresented in […]

The Blade Itself: A Bloody Good Read

Despite being one of the most over-saturated genres in fiction, fantasy action-adventure novels have always been my favorite kind of book. High or low, light or dark, familiar or wildly original, well-written fantasy stands to me as one of the most enjoyable things in any given bookstore. Dark “low” fantasy novels have become fairly popular […]