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The Avengers: Assembling Marvel’s Mightiest Movie (So Far)

If you have been watching the movie adaptations of Marvel Comics, you’ve seen this one coming for a while now. Since the start of the excellent Iron Man movies and the teaser appearance of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Marvel Comics and Marvel fans have been getting ready for the movie adaptation of Marvel’s […]

Soul Calibur V: Mechanical Excellence Marred by Shallow Content

Soul Calibur is one of my favorite fighting game series, alongside Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. It’s always occupied a fairly unique niche in the genre, focusing on a wide variety of weapon-based fighting compared to the usual emphasis on martial arts and hand-to-hand combat and aiming to have a story that advances with each installment, […]

The Legend Of Zelda- Skyward Sword: Not the Best Zelda Ever, But I Forgive You

The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most iconic video game series, and for good reason. The series has been critically praised for consistently high quality, and some entries, such as Ocarina of Time, my introduction to video games, are considered some of the greatest games ever made. As such, I have never failed […]

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn- A Good Game, or at least Half of One

I’m not the hugest turn-based RPG player around. My dalliances with the Pokemon games aside, I tend to prefer turn-based strategy or action-adventure/puzzle games. However, I do occasionally enjoy a good RPG, and the Golden Sun series has been rather satisfying in that regard, including the latest installment, Dark Dawn. The Golden Sun games take […]

Airman: In Which Eoin Colfer Proves Alternate History Fantasy Does Not Need to be Complex

Eoin Colfer’s been a young adult author I’ve always had something of a soft spot for, even though I have not yet read a book of his that can’t be finished in an afternoon or so if you focus on it. His writing is apparently not the New York Times Bestseller-crack Rick Riordan has managed […]

Spectral Force Genesis: Why Big Ideas Need Big Effort

Bargain-bin video games can often be a mixed bag; while typically inexpensive, you tend to get what you paid for. However, trying out cheaper, more obscure games can sometimes turn over an interesting title you might not have ever noticed otherwise. Spectral Force Genesis, a Japanese strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS (apparently titled by […]

Scott Pilgrim: The Second Most Awesome Canadian in Comics

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series is one of the most uniquely quirky and incredibly awesome sets of graphic novels I have ever read. A strangely well-balanced blend of over-the-top video game-style violence and humor with a romantic slacker comedy, Scott Pilgrim can keep you interested and amused even if you’re not familiar with video […]

Graceling: Graced In Ideas, Not In Subtlety

Despite being a college graduate, I still consider myself a young adult; despite the legal status of an adult once you’ve passed age 21, and the higher-priced movie tickets that came before that, I doubt I’ll consider myself a true grown man until I’m 30 or so. As such, I still take an interest in […]

Review for Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol”

Dan Brown is the sort of writer who barely seems to need any kind of introduction in this day and age. Renowned in some circles, reviled in others, Dan Brown is a very successful but controversial author well known for his ancient history-based conspiracy page-turners. Despite heavy criticism for his use of artistic license on […]

The Town

When I hear Ben Affleck’s name, I tend to think of an actor, the guy in Goodwill Hunting or Dogma. Before going to see his latest movie, The Town, I had not actually been aware that Affleck was also a director, and still have not seen the movie he directed before this, Gone Baby Gone. […]